Berikut adalah rencana selengkapnya dalam bahasa Inggeris:

The National Safety Council notes that – during any given week – more than 30,000 Americans over the age of 65 are seriously injured by falling, and the majority of those falls occur at home. “These are largely preventable injuries, so we’re urging seniors to follow the AoA’s recommendations for preventing falls at home.” These recommendations include:

* Install handrails on both sides of any stairways;
* Secure all throw rugs and area rugs with tacks, nonskid pads, or double-sided rug tape;
* Use non-skid floor wax;
* Remove soap buildup in tubs and showers;
* Place non-slip strips in tub and shower; secure bathmats with double-sided tape;
* Install adjustable-height showerheads;
* Mount grab bars on both sides of toilet, as well as on bath and shower walls;
* Keep items used frequently within easy reach to eliminate the need for a step stool;
* Plug nightlights in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and stairways;
* Install light switches at the top and bottom of stairs;
* Place a lamp and telephone near your bed;
* Remove any clutter from hallways and other high-traffic areas.


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