oleh Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle

Coming across Dr Mahathir’s latest article after a long spell is truly refreshing. As my childhood Hero, his views never ever cease to impress me. Sharp and to the point his views are not only soul-searching, it also pierces through like a pointed arrow.

His encompassing wisdom is truly divine, and Malaysians are truly blessed to have him around. Anyone who bothers to understand his true nature will agree that this blessed soul holds the magic potion to heal this sick nation of ours. His wide ranging views never fail to garner widespread comments from friends and foes, as evidenced in his blessed blog and other electronic media. Of course his foes envious of his honorary deeds in the past, never failed to criticize his heroic pursuits in deep frustration and anger.

Sacrificing his life for 22 years to lead this nation, his honest, simple, and spendthrift attitude has made Malaysia one of the leading nations in the world. Touted as one of the leading nations in Asia in terms of economic might, wealth, natural resources, and a totally democratic Parliament coupled with a Constitutional Monarchy with liberal laws, friendly and corrupt free, Malaysia continues to be one of Asia’s best kept secrets overtaking Singapore by 10 to 1.

His legacy includes many institutions and instruments of law and security introduced to ensure that our country prospers and our borders well defended. With wide spread freedom throughout the country due to a friendly neighbourhood police force, crime and corruption were kept to the barest minimum. However, the peace and prosperity of this nation is about to change with the advent of this Great Evil Entity called the DAP.


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