DO not give up so easily. Our working lifespan is no longer defined by age and many people in their sixties and seventies are still working, out of choice, not necessity.

You must have some savings or EPF to keep you going for some time, so do not push yourself into a tight corner. You have skills and experience, so that is an edge. If you are not too demanding about perks and salary, there are many job vacancies. Have the right attitude and mindset as employers prefer staff to be positive and confident.

Console yourself that you have already achieved many milestones in your life. Your children are grown up and financially independent. If you are truly in need, they will not leave you in the poorhouse.

Be a happier person and do the things you missed out on when you were busy with work and bringing up your children. Attend relevant seminars and join organisations that allow networking with the working sector so you can spread the word that you are available for fresh career opportunities. It is easier to get a job when you are not desperately focused on it.

Keep busy and happy. You will not feel so lost and empty if you can fill your days gainfully. Do some charity or community work as helping those in need is always rewarding.

You are more blessed than most as you have family, health and friends. Think of all those years when you had to be in the office until evening. You only had weekends for the family. Now time is all yours. Enjoy and savour your freedom and make the most of it.


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