( Maaf, dalam Bahasa Inggeris )

In today’s world, turning 50 has a different connotation that it used to…it’s easy to see that just by checking this year’s list of women turning 50 in 2010. Although life after fifty still may include empty nest and menopause is imminent, some of the things that used to be so scary at mid-life…just aren’t! “

Fifty is the new forty” is a phrase that has become popular due to improvements in diet, lifestyle and healthcare. Is it true that 50 is the new 40?

There has been many write-ups about “50 – Living It, Loving It!”

Today’s women who are turning fifty are, on their milestone birthday, more fit, attractive, capable and in charge of their lives and their personal and financial planning at fifty and beyond than ever before!

Life after fifty for women today includes menopause, changing family dynamics, physical,emotional, social and economic changes – even a bout with midlife crisis and learning to be a fashionable fifty-something (what do they mean by ‘dressing your age’?) can be a large part of our lives during this time.

You may have begun to wonder where your old body went! What the heck are you going to do when your kids leave home? You may be looking at your life partner as though for the first time in a long time, and thinking about getting to know each other again amid the throes of empty nest! You may be thinking about travel, or facing decisions in your career or professional life, whether or not of your own choosing.

And the thought of being a grandparent…who, me? And if 50 is the new 40…what about 60?


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